The Android tablet market seems poised to overtake Apple’s long standing champion, the iPad. With this shifting market trend, more and more businesses feel the need to tap into as yet unrealized Android tablet market to capitalize on the growing trend for Android tablets. Android tablets are growing in terms of screen size due to a consumer driven need for greater space to interact with. This signifies great potential for those who want to use this trend to offer their customers an app suited to Android tablets.

And in order to create such user-delight based apps, one would require experts who understand the need for profitable and scalable Android tablet apps. That’s us; having foreseen the limitless possibilities of the Android platform early on, we at AppSequent invested in this platform and are now hugely proficient in the design, development and creation of Android Tablet apps.


Why you need Tablet Specific Android Applications

Viable presence of Android tablets in the mobile world with greater functionality has increased the demand of tablet specific android applications. Not it has become an essential tool for businesses for marketing, sales and customer care department. And hence there is ever-growing demand of such applications which allow them to run on smartphones, as well as on large screen tablets without losing the functionality resulting in an increasing number of audiences. Also, many people carry their work on tablets with them and this makes them to amplify the use of tablets with the same mobility but greater functionality as compared to smartphones. And for this, you need to develop an application with better functionality.

At AppSequent, you will find a dedicated team of android tablet application developers which understands the value of an interactive application that runs both on smartphones and tablets.

AppSequent Services on Android Tablet Development Company

Our experts are highly skilled at the art of creating tablet based apps for Honeycomb, Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean versions of Android. With us, you get the use of a dedicated team of experts that utilize the latest Android API (application programming interface) and SDKs (software development kits) to assist us in creating the perfect tablet based apps for you. We offer our Android tablet development services across the following fronts:

  • Social Networking Apps
  • Media & Entertainment Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • Utility Apps
  • Business Apps
  • GPS and Geolocation Apps
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Apps
  • Education Apps
  • Medical Apps
  • Technical Apps
  • Book publishing Apps
  • Weather & News Apps
  • Travel & Lifestyle Apps
Android Tablet Development

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