Popularity of internet and increase in its users each day it has become very important to monitor your online reputation. One bad comment on a reputable website (forums or related blogs) about your business made by an unhappy customer or most probably a competitor can effect your business and influence your online sales negatively.

We manage and monitor the online reputation of your organization and contend against the negative elements which can spoil your image or damage your business. Our online reputation managers have been working personally for celebrities and politics who always remain in gossip on the internet and have successfully maintained their online image to be positive and in their favor.

What is brand reputation?

Brand Reputation = Customer perception of your company as well as its products and services.

Why manage your brand’s reputation?

If your brand reputation is bad, no one would want to associate with your company or buy products/services from you. A brand’s reputation can make or break the company. Just Google your company or brand name and see what comes up. If what you see is unflattering then you have a serious problem at hand because you will lose the majority of prospective customers who prefer to look you up on major search engines before even coming to your website and deciding to do business with you.

How can you use Beevolve to monitor your brand’s reputation?

Majority of our customers use Beevolve’s monitoring platform to track and measure online brand reputation. They keep track of key metrics like buzz and sentiment trends, top phrase and emotional context cloud to understand the customer perceptions about the company and how it is changing over time. Any dip in the positive conversations about your brand should be a red flag and need to be investigated immediately to understand what might be causing the positive sentiment to trend downwards.

Why monitoring is key to managing your brand’s reputation?

Listening to what people are saying about your company, its products or services and key personnels is the key to managing your brand’s reputation. If people are complaining about your company or product/services on social media, you want to be able to find that and take action immediately to diffuse the situation. In a hyper-connected social world, the risk of not responding to negative comments or conversations could be huge. A negative tweet or Facebook post that goes viral will do unimaginable damage to your brand’s reputation. There are tons of cases of brands getting destroyed or permanently scarred by either not responding to complaints online or responding back in a negative tone.

Reputation management is definitely not a one-size-fits-all type of service. And because each case is different, each approach must be tailored specifically to each client.

AppSequent uses a multi-pronged approach that includes a deep analysis of the offending listing (for a given keyword or set of keywords) as well as analyzing all the listings in the top 5 pages of the SERPs.

Once we’ve analyzed all the key URLs, their backlink profiles, social signals, trust and authority scores, we develop a plan that includes introducing new company-controlled online properties and optimizing relevant web pages as well as optimizing and building out new web 2.0 properties.

Here are a couple of methods that AppSequent employs to help clients achieve positive results with their reputation management campaigns.

  • Removing and / or updating any untrue or incorrect information on 3rd party sites
  • Analyzing customer feedback to improve current and future products, systems and / or services
  • Taking a proactive approach to responding to customer complaints
  • Optimizing relevant pages on company website
  • Optimizing company published content such as reports, whitepapers, customer testimonials etc
  • Optimizing all current social media channels
  • Submitting press releases to authoritative sites, online news agencies and search engines
  • Submission of legal documents such as DMCA notices, take-down requests etc
  • aining mentions and / or links from authoritative 3rd party sites
  • Claiming and updating company listings on 3rd party sites
Brand Reputation Management