The latest Apple iOS 8 apps development will bring in several stunning features that would help iPhone and iPad apps developers to meet their business objectives easily than ever before. As announced by Apple, the ‘extensible’ would allow iOS apps to share data smoothly and interact with other applications. In the latest operating system of Apple, iOS 8, the makers have said to remove all possible barriers in order to build scalable and robust application for anything under the sun.

Mobile apps development in iOS 8 can have the latest features of:

  • Manual Camera Controls
  • Touch ID
  • PhotoKit
  • Handoff
  • HomeKit
  • HealthKit
  • CloudKit

The technology improvement in iOS 8 has made it simpler than ever in order to comply with high graphics and audio features of games. Our iOS game developers would harness the benefits of the latest OS by using the new stuffs like Scene-Kit, Sprite-Kit and Metal.

ios 8 App Development

Leverage the benefit of iOS 8 apps extensions

One of the best features iOS 8 apps development has is its app extensions. The OS lets the developers extend selected areas of the system by getting a special app extension. App extensions in this latest OS from Apple would open up the door of fantastic opportunities for the iOS 8 developers. Here are some of the highlights of app extension in iOS8.

Using the vast set of APIs and services, iOS 8 apps development can be customized for building scalable and robust applications for enterprises, mobile commerce and other industries.

AppSequent iOS 8 App Development Experience

  • Extensive use of app extensions like Share, Photo Editing Etc
  • Use of touch ID for providing more secure applications
  • Integration with Health-Kit for providing Health and Fitness services
  • SWIFT programming language for future proof applications
  • Use of iOS 8 specific game features like Scene-Kit and Spirit-Kit
  • Applications are backward compatible with iOS 7 and below

AppSequent iOS App Development Services

  • iOS 8 web development
  • iOS 8 game development
  • Custom iOS 8 app development
  • Custom marketing app development
  • Upgrade iOS x.x apps to iOS 8
  • Redesign existing iOS app with iOS 8 SDK
  • Convert android to iOS 8
  • Merging existing objective-c codebase in SWIFT
  • iOS 8 enterprise app development
  • Re-write of existing app in SWIFT using iOS 8

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